The Utility Collection System is the only forensic collection device that can gather what you need without changing what you use!

The Utility Collection Swab can be used for forensic evidence, illegal drug collection and has another device in the System, the Tactical Swab which can collect suspected explosives residue. Click below for information specific to your needs

Forensic Utility

What makes the Forensic (DNA) Utility Collection Swab so unique is that when used for forensic, biological evidence the device can be used both as a buccal (cheek) swab or if the need arises it can be read more...

Drug Utility

Simply gather suspected narcotics on the swab to collection and secure for later analysis. Great for starting investigations or in the field where there is a possible existence of illegal drugs that n read more...

Tactical Military

The Tactical Military swab can be used for different missions; which are classified. Sorry. read more...

More about us...

PFS (Perez Forensic Strategies) was founded by Vincent I. Perez, JD, a former police officer and attorney, Mr. Perez invented the Utility Collection Swab while working as the General Counsel for a forensic laboratory. The exhaustive validation and efforts to ensure that the device would be the simplest, efficient and accurate product available.

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